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Understanding people to influence performance

Human Interaction’s fundamental philosophy is that you must understand people, to connect with them and influence them.

We are a boutique firm that supports business leaders to develop effective workplace teams. We run workshops, coaching and training sessions for owners and their staff either face to face or online.

In a team everyone needs to understand each others style their motivations and behaviours so they can adapt and respect the differences in their team. If you don’t understand how people work, what their communication preferences are, how can you possibly influence their behaviour?

The process we use highlights better ways for your team to connect with each other and for them to learn skills to connect with team members with different styles. Your people will be more capable, effective, efficient, engaged and productive.

Maximising each individual’s capability in business improves employee engagement, builds stronger & resilient teams, increases sales, positively enhances culture and produces amazing customer experiences.

Our strength & value comes in designing and facilitating face to face sessions, be it a workshop or a coaching session, utilising best practice resources. But we appreciate he impact COVID is having and are able to run sessions over ZOOM or Google Hangouts.

We utilise proven methodologies such as Accelerated Learning and Adult Learning to embed all the learning in our workshops and coaching sessions.

Let’s have a conversation about how we can support you and your team. Call today on 02 8279 6955 or email at info@humaninteractions.com.au

Our most popular sessions include:
      • Creating Team Synergy
      • Supervising Others
      • Effective Leadership
      • Communication Skills
      • Assertiveness and Self Confidence
      • Conflict Resolution
      • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
      • Building a resilient team
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