Our Services

Human Interactions is an outsourced people and culture consultancy. We’re passionate about supporting business leaders to better understand and develop their people, in turn improving performance, engagement, capability and ultimately profitability.

We do this by delving deep into understanding your business and culture before recommending any training or development solutions.

We then make use of scientifically proven profiling tools to identify individual and team personalities, behaviours, strengths and weaknesses. You’ll be amazed to discover how different personalities respond to preferred conflict, reward or communication styles amongst other metrics. And how simple tweaks in approach to individuals or teams can make a big difference.

Following the diagnostic profiling, we offer a mix of bespoke training, coaching or guided activities to fill specific gaps. Recognising that many managers aren’t comfortable with or equipped to coach their teams, we step in as an extension of your business to develop your teams to their full potential.

We’ll be there for you as your long-term collaborative partner – to regularly monitor and measure engagement, always with a focus on improving performance.

We’ve helped hundreds of business leaders just like you.

Talk to us if:

  • You’d like to develop your leadership team
  • You want to build a stronger, more resilient team
  • You want to increase your sales
  • You want to improve your clients’ customer experience
  • Your teams are not meeting the expectations of their leaders
  • You’re not sure how to get the best out of your people
  • Employees and leaders are frustrated, but not sure exactly what they’re frustrated about

We all know that training is easily accessible from almost anywhere, but unless you really
understand what makes your people tick, you’re not going to get the most out of them.

And as far as Covid-19 goes, we’ve been working in both physical and virtual environments
successfully for years, so call us! We’d love to hear from you.