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Understanding people to influence performance is our cornerstone principle.

Human Interaction’s fundamental philosophy is that human to human interactions are powerful.

We are a boutique firm offering opportunities for companies to develop effective interpersonal skills within their teams and their leadership groups so that their business is more productive. We design and deliver bespoke training and coaching programs helping people to reach their potential.

Maximising every human interaction in an organisation improves employee engagement, builds stronger teams, increases sales, positively enhances company culture and produces amazing customer experiences.
Our strength & value comes in designing and facilitating face to face learning sessions. We believe online courses never manage to recreate the interaction and engagement of a structured workshop environment. Not only do people benefit from the presence of a trainer/facilitator, they also learn from their peers who offer their own perspective and understanding of the material. The personal element of face-to-face training, and the benefit it offers to interaction and engagement, cannot be overstated.
How do we create this interaction and engagement? We utilise proven methodologies such as Accelerated Learning and Adult Learning to embed all the learning in our workshops.
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Which Hub is right for you?

Our Capability Hub - Unlock Potential

The key to effective communication is to understand your own communication style first. Once you are aware of your own style you will better understand others and be able to be more flexible in the way your communicate. We use DiSC as a tool in our wokshops to ascertain your style. Learn how to communicate more effectively with others.

Change is the one thing you can be certain of in an organisation. Some handle it and even thrive on it, whilst others can become quite anxious about it. Learn how to question the barriers of change and build your resilience in the ever-changing world of business.

Our Leadership Hub - Activate Change

The way a team connects and communicates will have a major effect on productivity and therefore profitability. Learn communicate more effectively as a team and discover how to handle robust discussions in the workplace.

Coaching staff is one the most powerful skills a leader can have. Whether you are coaching for performance or coaching for development, it’s important to have a model and methodology that is proven to work based on solid evidence. Learning to use Dr John Whitmore’s GROW model will take your coaching skills to the next level. Learn how to be the best coach possible.

As a leader you know change is just part and parcel of running a business. But how do you manage the team and their response to change. There are some key elements to managing change in your team that are crucial to successfully navigating it. Learn how to successfully manage change in your organisation.

Difficult Conversations are just that – difficult. We are torn between the practicality of having the conversation and the emotional aspects that arise when we have to have this type of conversation. Learn how to use a structured method that will assist you to broach these conversations with more confidence.