REACH is used by businesses to improve performance and engagement and build capability to thrive in the future. 

The REACH Ecosystem contains everything you need to positively impact your business. REACH enables you to understand what is happening in a business on 3 levels:

  1. You can profile the personality styles  of your people 
  2. You can gain valuable feedback for your leaders
  3. You can measure the culture of your business.

The REACH Ecosystem builds engagement, agility, teams, leadership, culture and sales using insights, analysis, training, coaching and development. This can all be achieved using one simple system.

A personality profile is completed to identify the individuals primary style as either Coach, Counselor, Adviser or Driver.

The ability to connect with others is achieved by developing skills (as shown in the reach quotient image) most commonly associated with each style. As a person grows their REACH, and stretches into other styles, they can improve their effectiveness in different situations.