Effective Communication In The Workplace

Ever been bewildered that what you have said has been taken the wrong way our taken completely out of context? Have you had to provide more context or dig yourself out of a communication ‘hole’?

Chances are that you have made some communication choices that have not considered all that lies beneath the surface communication – that is, more than what is actually being said and how the other person is behaving while you interact. Read More or Watch The Video

Attention Please!!!

Whether you are making a pitch to a small group, addressing a TEDx style auditorium or trying to engage your work colleagues with some new information, there is a crucial moment that hangs in the air at the start of our interactions. We have an opportunity to grab someone’s attention to set the tone for what you are about to present. Read More or Watch The Video

It’s Official – Retail Is In Recession

With the National Bank announcing that the retail sector is in recession we consider what and why this has happened and thing to consider moving forward. The retail sector lost its way when it stopped focusing on the customer experience. What are 3 key things retailers can do to ensure they are providing a customer experience that has potential customers keen to shop again face to face. Read More or Watch The Video.

There is Power In Rapport

At Human Interactions Australia we are passionate about enhancing the quality of human interactions in the workplace. This starts with trust. To build trust in a team we need to be in rapport with each other. We need to connect effectively and maintain this connection to share ideas and work productively. Read More  or Watch the Video.

Communication Skills - Lucille Ball

Preparing For Who’s Out There

An effective meeting, presentation or pitch starts with preparation. Today we need to talk about great ways to consider and engage your audience. But first we need to understand that there are all different types of people out there. They think and consider things differently, they feel and are moved to action in different ways and they find different things important and show their values in a variety of ways. Read More or Watch the Video.

Old Fashioned or On Song

There were three things that occurred in a simple transaction that ensured the customer interaction ended so positively.

  1. Listen Intently,   2. Asked Questions   3.Passed On Knowledge

Read more to get some more detail and the context of the story.

Effective Communications

The Power Of Intention

This morning I read an article on HBR about why managers are uncomfortable giving feedback to employees.

The stats were not great! 69% of managers stated they were uncomfortable when communicating in general. Whilst 37% were uncomfortable when giving direct feedback/criticism. How can this be? Read more

Rapport – That Old Chestnut

Have we been teaching the concept of rapport incorrectly?

How well do our teams build rapport and trust?

Read more here to see what we think about building rapport or Watch the Video

Building Rapport

It’s The BONDS that make the season 

Driving past the new BONDS Christmas campaign poster yesterday, I was hit by the simple message for this season and it made me questions, “How strong are the bonds I have in my life?”. We are often inundated this time of year with the activity and planning of get-togethers, parties and events. So much so that the attending and enjoying part can get a little rushed or under-appreciated. Read More or Watch the Video

Control The Controllables

This week we want to keep our post short, sweet and succinct. We appreciate how busy you are and want to offer some quick considerations for you as we continue to support business leaders to understand their people. In this 2 minute read we talk about rapid change and how people react to that change. Read More.

Connect! Connect! Connect!

Connecting with your team whilst many are working from home is critical. Check in on projects but check in on them. How are they doing through this crisis? Is there anything else they need to help them be productive and to feel part of the team? Another in our series  of 2 minute reads is now available. Read more