Team In Detail

Craig Bulmer

Craig Bulmer

With over 20 years experience designing and delivering engaging and relevant training programs for many industries he has learnt how to get the best out of people. His reputation as a first class trainer and master Coach has taken him from Australia to the UK, China to Thailand, Singapore to Japan. Along the way he has made a major impact on the lives of literally thousands of people by imparting practical skills for people to improve everyday work and life.

His qualifications include:

Certified REACH practitioner, Everything DiSC accredited, Diploma of Management, Graduate Diploma in Adult Education, Family Business Accredited Advisor, Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment and Training, Certificate IV in Business Sales

Personally, Craig is a keen runner & cyclist. He has completed the 6 Major World Marathons plus the Gold Coast and Melbourne Marathons. He has also cycled over 4500km’s for charity. A self-confessed golf “hacker’ and a lover of cricket he loves sport and what it takes to be the best you can possibly be.

Candice Stein

Candice Stein

Professionally, Candice believes that knowledge is power. Knowledge empowers people to achieve great results and the more knowledge a person gains, the more powerful they become. Having the right tools, support and framework to apply that knowledge is the key to an effective change in behaviour. This is achieved by working with clients to understand their needs and ensure that the most suitable solutions are provided.

Candice is a passionate and committed learning & development professional with over 15 years’ experience in designing, developing and facilitating learning. With a broad range of skills including group facilitation, stakeholder management and coaching. She is effective in enabling others to become more successful and improving their people capability.

Her qualifications include Bachelor of Commerce in Industrial Psychology, Postgraduate Diploma Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management, Certified REACH practitioner, Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment and Training

Personally, Candice loves a little time-out from her busy life enjoying a good book, cooking up a storm for family and friends or taking a Pilates class

Gretta Holt

Gretta Holt

Professionally, Gretta has based her extensive experience on understanding the complex and seeking out the best solutions for individuals and organisations. Also, the belief that by tapping into your motivations and challenging the status quo, amazing things can happen to your performance, for the better.

She is a People and Performance Specialist of Human Interactions Australia where she works to develop leaders and build cohesive teams. She is passionate about coaching to lift effectiveness in emotional intelligence and communication strategies.

With over 10 years experience as a leader and in designing and delivering captivating training, Gretta has a clear understanding what it takes to create effective and engaging training that people connect to emotionally and are more likely to retain.

Her qualifications include Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment and Training, Change Management (Centre for Continuing Education USYD), Everything DiSC accredited, EQ-i 2.0 accredited, Bachelor of Applied Science Physiotherapy (USYD)

Personally, Gretta loves music and loves to dance. She can be found at the local ‘Swing Katz’ dance hall doing Swing or Rock ‘n’ Roll dancing.

Candy Silverstone

Candy SilverstoneProfessionally, Candy believes that personal and professional development is a journey, rather than a destination, and there are periodically points where we feel ready to take the next step in our development journey. Sometimes we can do this on our own and sometimes we can benefit from support.

Her passion is People Development and enabling individuals and groups to develop personal and professional capabilities that they require for their current and future roles through one-on-one coaching and group workshops.

Her belief is that ‘one size does not fit all’ and her approach is to explore ones strengths, values and goals by providing individuals with a sounding board, tools and strategies, a safe place to explore ideas and an opportunity to co-create the plans, action and mindset necessary to support their development thereby allowing them to thrive.

Her approach is warm, empathetic and willing to challenge. Her qualifications include Bachelor of Social Work, Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management, Certified REACH practitioner, Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment and Training.

Personally, Candy loves a high impact gym class, coffee catch ups with friends and spending quality time with her family.